The Ceiling Can't Hold Us!

A night of fun benefitting Friends For Life!

    Thank you to all of those who joined us Friday, October 12, 2018 at Silver Street Studios to celebrate sixteen years of breaking through barriers to a better community.

    All of the photos from the evening can be found on our Facebook pagehere.

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    Houston looked very different sixteen years ago when Friends For Life started. More than 90% of the animals entering shelters in the Houston area were not coming out alive. There were people who said that Houston would never support a shelter based on our progressive, no kill model. They were wrong.

    Houston, you have embraced progress for animals in the form of this first-ever no kill, LEED-certified animal shelter! Let’s celebrate what we’ve done together and where we’re going next!

    Table Options


    How do we help the most vulnerable? We nurture puppies and kittens in a shelter where they are not destroyed but are safe.  This gift will allow us to continue to be the shelter that cares for bottle babies. In traditional shelters, all animals weighing under 2 pounds are killed. It takes hundreds of pounds of powdered puppy and kitten milk to feed hungry puppies and kittens. This gift will purchase 937 lbs of milk replacer and supplies needed to help save the tiniest animals.

    • One (1) Reserved Table for Ten (10) Guests
    • Recognition on Gala Materials: Invitation, Program, Signage
    • Verbal Recognition at Event

    $10,000 • INNOVATOR

    How do we assure that animals under our care find a great home? With a lot of work including excellent medical care, behavioral training and lifetime follow up.  This gift will move 25 animals completely through the program from homeless to loving home. This includes all medical care, diagnostics, feeding, professional behavioral training, foster supply support, and a lifetime adoption follow up guarantee should the animal ever need to return to Friends For Life.

    • One (1) Reserved Table for Ten (10) Guests
    • Recognition on Gala Materials: Invitation, Program, Signage
    • Verbal Recognition at Event

    $5,000 • CREATOR

    How can we help low-income families care for the pets they love and avoid ever bringing them to a shelter? By thinking outside the shelter. This gift funds 2 days of free surgical/wellness clinics to provide services to pets of low-income families. We go to low-income neighborhoods and accept all animals that need care. We never charge owners a dime. What we have found is that people want to do the right thing by their pets but often cannot afford high veterinary costs. Each surgery day prevents approximately 1,200 animal births and hundreds of shelter impounds.

    • One (1) Reserved Table for Ten (10) Guests
    • Recognition on Gala Materials: Invitation, Program
    • Verbal Recognition at Event

    $2,500 • TRAILBLAZER

    How do we make sure that a treatable disease is not a death sentence? By treating it. This gift will treat 6 heartworm positive dogs * OR * This gift will treat 55 dogs with mange who would have no chance of survival at a traditional shelter.

    • One (1) Reserved Table for Ten (10) Guests
    • Recognition on Gala Materials: Invitation, Program


    With this gift we can build 50 Project WARM houses to provide safe, warm shelter to community cats in winter * OR * We can alter 27 tomcats (to make fewer community cats in winter!).

    • Two (2) Reserved Seats for One (1) Couple
    • Recognition on Gala Materials: Program


    This gift will help prevent 140 animal births through providing free spay/neuter services.

    • One (1) Reserved Seat to enjoy a delicious catered dinner from Chef David Cordua and well-stocked open bar!

    Gala Chairs: Rachel and Jeff Spalding

    Host Committee:

    • Susan Bickley and Robert Scott
    • Lisa Cochran and Jared Gregory
    • Brenna Croom
    • Caroline Fant
    • Rob Hance and Sunset Animal Clinic
    • Courtney and Tadd Hatcher
    • Jennifer Hopkins and Matthew Dunn
    • Kung Fu Running Club
    • Christine and Micheal McWilliams
    • Pam Radford and Stacie Cokinos
    • Kim and Ken Scott
    • Cassie Schlief Wilson

      • We created a unique Adoption Program saving lives that were lost in the traditional system. 75% of the animals we place in loving homes would not survive the traditional shelter system, including: seniors and bottle babies, feline leukemia positive cats, major medical cases, animals with ringworm, heartworm and those that need new behavior skills.
      • Our Fix Houston™ program’s door-to-door service delivery model has succeeded where no other program ever has in Houston history. We started in the “worst” zip code in the Houston area for intake and euthanasia and dropped it to third. This model is both effective and reproducible. We have shared the model with neighboring areas and with both Harris and Fort Bend Counties.
      • Our one-of-a-kind Thinking Outside the Shelter program works to get resources to people to keep animals out of all shelters. We distributed over 50 tons of animal food and 1,000 hours of behavior consults to Houstonians who needed help last year so they could hold on to their pets.
      • Big dogs with behavior challenges are the toughest shelter population to move in any shelter. Some shelters kill them. Some warehouse them. We demonstrated the value of force-free behavior methods and built the most robust shelter Animal Behavior Department in the Houston shelter community.
      • We created and ran the nation’s first Cohabitated Public Evacuation Shelter(animals/people) during Hurricane Harvey, and now join the American Red Cross and other leaders in authorship of a national disaster response manual.

      Join us and together we will continue to break through every barrier and raise Houston’s expectations of what it really means to be a shelter.