Kiki Boots

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Kiki Boots is ready for action! She loves to play and chase after anything that moves. She’ll watch lizards out the window for hours on end. She also loves to be scratched under her chin and behind her ears. For such a dainty little gal she has a very loud PURR. Kiki will follow you from room to room, and she is likely to settle down on your lap or on a nearby bed while you’re working on the computer. She thinks it’s a real treat to sleep with you, and she will place herself gently on your chest and sleep through the night (unless you wiggle your toes under the covers).

Kiki gets along great with other cats and quickly fits herself into the pack. She’s fine with dogs as long as they show her the respect she deserves!

You may wonder how such a neat cat finds herself looking for a family. Well, we don’t know the whole story but we do know that she was trying to survive outside on her own when someone scooped her up and tried to dump her at a store. Luckily a pet lover interceded to help her start on a path to a new life. Kiki is understandably wary of strangers, but she learns fast who the nice people are!

If you are looking for a special, wonderful cat and can offer her a home filled with love and fun, don’t wait any longer. Kiki Boots is the cat for you!