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Little was purchased from a pet shop when she was a kitten, and had the perfect home life until now. Her family fell on hard times, and Little found herself in the strange and sometimes stressful world of being a shelter kitty. She doesn't understand all of these changes in her life, and has been known to indulge in overeating to make herself feel better. Sweet Little can’t wait to be back in a home, this time forever! Are you the perfect family to help Little land on her feet, in the home of her dreams? She sure does hope to meet you soon!
Little’s Details
Do My Little Turn on the Catwalk: Little is a sassy lady who won’t hesitate to let you know just how lucky you are to be in her presence. Velvet fur, hypnotizing emerald eyes, what’s not to admire? She’s the Elizabeth Taylor of Friends for Life, and loves it!
Sweet Talk – Little is a great communicator, it’s part of being the center of the universe after all. If you forget that she’s around, she’s quick to let you know with the most feminine of little squeaks. It’s her kitty way of saying “Excuse, me dahling…”
Perfect Day– If Little had the chance to have a perfect day, she would spend it lounging around on a soft bed, soaking up the sun. Occasional pets, tuna, and lavish attention welcome. Come by and meet Little today, she’ll block a spot for you in her schedule, dahling. “Xoxo” (that was from Little). She seriously can’t wait to meet you!