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Hi! We are Ashley and Melanie. We are twin sisters! After working long and hard, our foster parents convinced us to come in from their backyard and saved us from starvation and possible attacks by raccoons and possums and rats. Oh, my!
Physically, we are mind-bendingly adorable. We are both all white with pink ears and amber eyes. I am solid white, unlink my sister who has a spot on the top of her head.
I am a little more shy than my sister, she has helped me come out of my shell.
Personality-wise, we enjoy tennis, nouvelle cuisine and reading Proust. Just kidding . . . Mostly, we love exploring our foster parents’ house, chowing down on our kitten chow (Iams rocks!), having our ears and backs scratched and being cuddled, and playing crazy kitten games. We provide endless hours of hilarious kitten antics. We are a lovely pair and will look quite fancy on your couch, don’t you think?