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Watch Maggie's Video

Looking for an animal companion with a little bit of the spirit for Texas?? Well look no further.

This sweet girl has the delightful habit of showing her affections by rearing up on her hind legs like a little pony and then gently head butting the palm of your hand. No grey area here. She’s ready to saddle up and move out!

Maggie also has a really big thing for being petted and brushed, and… for men – and not necessarily in that order! She will pump up the volume on her purr if you ever happen to stop petting or brushing her. She also loves catnip toys and balls, especially the ones that light up!

Maggie was a community cat who was helped out by a compassionate neighbor. She is an indoor cat who enjoys sleeping at the end of the bed, watching wildlife out the window, and is ready to be part of a forever family and enjoy life with you to the fullest. Are you ready bring this super sweet girl “deep into the heart” of your home?!