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A Friends for Life volunteer rescued Alani from a shelter where she was not being taken care of properly. She was covered in scabs and superficial scars from an allergic reaction to flea bites. She was also dangerously overweight.

During her time in the FFL program she has re-grown all of her missing hair and has been safely losing weight on a carefully planned diet. Alani looks better than ever and she is ready to join a loving family.

Alani absolutely loves people and she aims to please. If you're looking for the perfect lap cat then look no further. Alani will sit in your lap and purr for hours at a time. She also loves to sleep with her caretaker and will let you hold her throughout the night (a rare quality in cats). Alani also enjoys engaging in conversation with her person.

Alani does well in a crate and has gotten along very well with the other cats at her foster's home. She even plays with the younger kittens and does very well keeping up with them. Alani is fully litter box trained and does well during vet visits and rides in the car. If you are looking for a very affectionate lap cat you will not find a better kitty than Alani.