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Hi everyone! My name’s Marilyn. I was named Marilyn after Marilyn Monroe because I have a beauty mark on my face, just like she does, and I look just like her, especially if she were a female feline like me, don’t you think?! My 5 siblings and I were born on March 24, 2011. Our Grandma had taken in our Mama Cat back in February, when it was sooooo cold outside, and Houston was supposed to get a snowfall. Do you remember that? Well, Grandma found Mama Cat outside in a meadow, and Mama Cat was very thin and hungry, and desperately needed a home and a warm hearth. Grandma took her in for the weekend, to shelter her from the snow, but of course, fell in love with Mama Cat, and said that she now had a home. The snow never came, but Mama cat got a new home. What Grandma didn’t know at the time, was that Mama Cat was pregnant with the six of us! Gradually Mama Cat got fatter and fatter, and then SURPRISE! We were born at 1am on March 24. Now, Grandma loves all of us so much, but being 77 and on a fixed income, she really doesn’t have the funds to keep all 7 of us, especially now that we are almost grown! I’d love to have you give me a permanent home, and lots of love! I would give you lots of love in return! I’m a little shy, but I love to play. I can find fun chasing a crumpled up piece of paper, or if you gave me a rolling plastic ball with a bell, I’d chase it and make you laugh! You should see me playing with my siblings! Hey, even better if you wanted to adopt a couple of us, and then you’d have even more joy in your house, and I’d have a sibling to play with! Either way, I’d love to go home with you and be your special kitty! I’ve been spayed, and I have all my shots, so I am ready to be in your family! I have never been outside, and outside noises frighten me, so I’m looking for an inside home.