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Miley is a beautiful Russian Blue lap cat. She's 6 years old but still a kitten at heart. Miley loves playing with her toys and just hanging out.  Miley isn't shy and she warms up to guests quickly. She likes to stay close-by and she enjoys being part of the action. Miley has been well-behaved since the day she arrived in her foster home. Her claws are trimmed and she doesn't go for any of the furniture. Miley is home alone for 8 hours a day but comes right to the door as soon as she hears it opening. During the day, Miley can be found sound asleep on the sofa and watching through the window as life goes by. In the evening, she's eager to nestle in your lap and purr contentedly.  If there ever was a cat that deserves a loving home, it's Miley! We're sure she'll bring a lot of comfort & joy to her forever family.