Missy Meek

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Missy came to Friends For Life after her loving owner passed away. She has a personality as vivid and striking as her amazing markings!

Here are some fabulous facts about Ms. Meek:
- This is one classy cat, with great house manners. She is spotlessly litterbox trained and knows the difference between her scratching post and your furniture.
- She bonds strongly with her favorite people and enjoys spending time near them. She’ll lie next to you on the couch, gaze up at you from the paperwork on your desk, and share your bed at night. When you come home, she’ll greet you with a melodious chirp.
- She’s trained to perform tricks! Missy will sit and come on cue and knows how to use a targeting stick.
- Her dignified looks belie a kittenish nature: this frisky girl is ready to play whenever you’re in the mood!

Come in and meet Missy Meek! Despite her name, this is one feline with vivacious Cattitude.