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Watch Gabby's Video

Gabby is stunningly beautiful and those eyes will take your breath away! She looks a bit like a mini bobcat because of her little bob-tail. The story behind her tail is that Gabby was found on the edge of a woman’s property in a rural area, with half of her tail, unfortunately, severed. Now healed perfect, when she is really happy, you can see her short little tail spin in circles like a helicopter.

Gabby is a friendly and loving cat who prefers a person to chat with rather than another cat. Her chirps let you know how happy she is to see you every time you come home. She is playful and spunky and will even let you know when she has had enough of the love fest and wants to get back to just relaxing in your lap. She is looking for a home with lap to sit on, a pillow, and a cardboard box for playtime.

Gabby is a true fun loving beauty who will brighten up your home and life!