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Meet Idalou – the fearless leader! Idalou came to Friends for Life with her sister Tatum and brother Cisco when they were kittens, after being found abandoned in a Tupperware bin. Idalou needs people! She absolutely loves to get and give attention. She loves everything and everybody you can think of. You can pass her around and she won’t mind it at all. She has lots of energy and loves to play. She is also a major lap cat. If you sit down at the computer for longer than a few minutes, she will scamper up, get comfortable and go to sleep. You can keep typing but she wants you to hold her while you do it!

Idalou has a very distinctive trait, besides her coloring. She wants to investigate everything and loves it when you clean. She is fascinated by the broom and mop. She must also think she is part dog. If she sees something new, her head turns to one side while she tries to figure out what’s going on! You’ll want to keep finding new things just to see how she will react!