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My siblings and I have had quite the storybook beginning. Our momma chose as our birth place a box of books under our foster mom’s bed, using a well-loved copy of the Game of Thrones to shred up and make our nest as comfy as possible. Greyjoy, Stormborn, and Daneryus, our siblings, have already been adopted into loving homes, but Arya and I, Sansa, are still waiting for our storybook ending and have our hopes pinned on Friends for Life to find us a forever family. Adventure is an essential part of our day. We enjoy climbing pillow mountains and meandering through blanket forests. Most of all, though, at the end of the day, we want to be able to snuggle up into the crook of your arm, tilt our head in a come-hither way, and invite you to scratch the sweet spot under our chin. In other words, we want to share our hearts with you. Arya and I are tabbies with a tiger’s heart, and, ironically, a wolf’s soul.