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Patches has had some unique experiences in her long, life. This gentle lady is 17 years old, and if she could tell us the tales that she knows, we’re sure we would all be amazed! She is living with her foster right now and is pretty happy with her life, the problem is, that in her heart of hearts, Patches loves people more than anything else on earth, and her foster’s other animals, while lovely, have a tendency to just make her nervous. This Queen Bee has had some tough times, and now would just like the peace that comes with a quiet home, a warm lap, and some delicious food. Are you just the right person to dote on Patches for the rest of her days? She can’t wait to enjoy the pleasure of your company!

Patches’ Particulars
Let Them Eat Cake!– One of Patches’ favorite things is to spoil herself with tasty kitty treats and delicious wet food. She’s been in tough spots before so treats and yummy dinners are one of this ladies favorites
Bask in the Glory – Second to food, Patches loves a warm sunny spot and a soft bed. It’s the little things in life that make a big difference!
Beauty Queen of 17– Although Patches is a mature lady, she still likes to keep up her appearance. She loves being brushed and petted. It helps to keep her fur shiny, you know. Patches has been patiently waiting for the proper home to spoil her rotten. She sure hopes you come find her soon!