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This suave gentleman was found roaming the streets after being abandoned. He’s a fun guy, and it doesn’t take much to get his kitty motor running. Give Red some catnip and a laser pointer, and he’ll be the life of your party.
Red is quite the communicator, too. He loves to “talk” about his day, and if he’s particularly happy, he’ll follow you around and chuff like a lion. Please don’t tell him he’s a housecat.
From what we can tell, Red’s not hard to please. His idea of a perfect day? Start with a good morning snuggle and belly rub, grab some breakfast (cat food pairs perfectly with a stiff tuna water), play some laser tag, then cap the day off by stretching out on a comfy blanket in a nice patch of sun. Life really doesn’t get any better than that.

Red is waiting on you to make his dreams come true, so introduce yourself to this lover boy today.