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Ellie most certainly has a story. We can only guess at Chapter 1 of this story but we know Chapter 2 because that’s when Ellie was rescued. She was found hunkered down in the middle of the sidewalk beside a very busy street. The speculation is that she had been hit by a car and someone had moved her onto the sidewalk. It was touch and go for a couple days until it became clear that little Ellie had used up only one of her nine lives. Given some time to eat well and heal, Ellie has proven she is going to be just fine.

Running, not walking – initially Ellie was walking a little gingerly due to her injuries. But now that she has healed, she is busy running around, jumping, playing and exploring her surroundings. She is all kitten!
Ms Clean – Ellie is a pro with the litter box. And she has spent considerable time grooming herself to get rid of that outdoor grit.
Making friends - Ellie is very interested in making friends with all the older cats that live in the house. As you may guess, this is taking a little time. Luckily Ellie is a patient kitty that is very good at entertaining herself. She also loves attention from her humans and rewards them with some very loud purring.

Ellie has had a bit of a tough start in life but is ready to put all that behind her. She is grateful for a chance to live out her remaining lives surrounded by people who love and cherish her.