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Aurora is a sweet soul with adorable inquisitive eyes that ask, "Will you be my best friend for life?" Once she has built trust with someone, she's smitten and wants to sleep by your side, if not on top of you if you let her! She will even groom you first thing sometimes to make sure you are at your best to start the day.

Aurora likes to talk to you before you leave to tell you how much she'll miss you and then to tell you how happy she is when you're back. Aurora enjoys sunbathing on windowsills, scratching pads, playing with other cats, chasing a string toy, and playing with kids. She is a sensitive soul and not much of a fan of loud noises. She is super smart and curious and has been known to open and peek into a cabinet or two. She would do well learning tricks - like "high five" - with some clicker training and treats. Aurora is a heartmelter and will bring so much sweetness and happiness into your home.