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Sleek and beautiful Sunny had a rough go on the streets and ended up under a mobile home taking care of a litter of kittens. Luckily, the homeowner and Friends For Life stepped in so that she and her kittens could have a chance to find safe and loving forever homes. Sunny has a sunny disposition and loves to have your attention. She will lovingly demand it with some gentle paw taps until you give her some much appreciated cheek and ear rubs. Kind of a toss up who enjoys it more - you or her!

If you ever decide to sit down, she will happily make sure your lap is never empty. Sunny has the uncanny sense about when you might be a little blue and need some sunshine in your life. She is always on the ready to meet you at the door and welcome you home with lots of happy greetings. One of her favorite pastimes is to sit and soak up the sun at the window and watch all the action. It is also great fun to watch her roam around the house at lightning-quick speed. If you want all the stress in your life to melt away when you come home with guaranteed sweet greetings every time, Sunny is the one for you!