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Jake is a very handsome boy with Siamese type markings and the softest of coats, which is purr-fect because he loves being petted. He really appreciates having the time to get familiar with his home to get comfortable and bond with everyone in the family - including the four-pawed ones! He is a very affectionate, laid back cat who adores cozying up next to you and being petted and petted and petted.

Jake also enjoys chatting with you about your day and has a beautiful melodic meow. He is a fan of bird watching in between naps and having a wild chase with a toy on a string every now and then. Jake just needs a mellow home with warm windowsills, laps and couch pillows where he can get comfy and feel at home. With a little patience and love, Jake will be singing your praises with his musical meow and will be your favorite catnap companion for life.