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Watch Pieper's Video

Pieper was a community cat and sweetly helped by a neighbor when she was pregnant. Pieper has piercing gold eyes and velvety fur just begging for some attention. She loves back scratches and rubs on her little white belly. She will even give a gentle little love tap with her paw if she still wants more lovin'! She is always on the ready to meet you when you arrive home and will greet you at the door with loving head-butts. She will also stand on her tippy toes when you pet her!

She enjoys meeting new people too. She will also sit patiently and wait for you to wake in the morning so she can get her cherished morning love pat on the head. Most of all, she appreciates loving, warm attention and being treated with all the sweetness she deserves. This lovely tuxedo cat, with her elegant white socks and her beautiful spirit, will bring lots of happiness to your home and family.