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Louie is a gorgeous silver tabby with very nice markings. While he could let his looks go to his head, Louie hasn’t. Instead he is a very sweet and fun kitten. He is an older kitten now and could be mistaken for an adult because of his size. But once you see Louie in action, you realize that indeed he is young and playful. Louie is shy for a bit when he meets new people. This could be due to his early life when he was homeless for a while. However, once he knows you, he quickly warms up and is very affectionate, purring loudly and giving lots of head butts. He loves those belly rubs too.

Louie gets along very well with other cats and tries his best to charm the older, grouchier ones. Louie would love to find his forever home and would be happy with some cat friends or only you to love and adore.