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After a life of adventure and world travel (probably), this extremely handsome cat ended up at a PetSmart, where they found his charms dangerously irresistible and immediately called Friends For Life for help. Now Xavier lives in a foster home, where he enjoys being the only cat and the center of attention.
After all, why would you need another pet if you have the Most Interesting Cat In The World?
With intellect to match his good looks, Xavier is an expert in the art of scratching post and has received a PhD in litterbox. Xavier's woobie blanket is his talisman, which he holds close and protects him on his journeys, so don't try to take it away from him.
In addition to being devastatingly handsome, Xavier is a social cat and loves to meet new people. So if you would like to meet Xavier, just let us know! But beware, you WILL fall in love.
In fact, Xavier will enjoy a nap in your lap, or a long petting session, as well as allowing you to bask in the glow of his beauty as he sunbathes in the window sill.
Are you intrigued? Meet the Most Interesting Cat In The World and prepare to be swept away on a life-long adventure with Xavier!