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Harley is a sweet girl who seems to have gotten separated from her family somehow without her collar on. After wandering around scared and lost, she showed up in a neighborhood in West Houston. She was fed and cared for outside for a short while by a couple of the neighbors, but she made it clear that she wanted to live indoors so she adopted her very own foster parent who made a place for her in his garage. She must be a cool cat because she can usually be found sitting underneath his Harley-Davidson Motorcycle and so that’s the name she was given – Harley!

Harley is a very sweet girl who really craves human affection. She is distrustful of other cats when she first meets them, but she quickly warms up. She wants to be pet and she will rub on you until you do. She is a very pretty girl who lets you know she is wanting your love by meowing. She will make someone’s house a home and you will love spending time with her.

Harley has feline leukemia. Feline Leukemia only affects cats --it cannot be transmitted to people, dogs, or other animals.