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Watch Yoda's Video

Looking for someone to join your Empire? Enter Yoda, master of the heart. Yoda is a handsome boy who has beautiful crimped fur on his chest, has eyes as deep as the ocean, and who got his name from his beautiful ears. He is super affectionate, and he loves one-on-one time to play and snuggle with you. He is fond of his scratching board and post and makes good use of them. He also likes chatting with you when he first sees you to let you know how happy he is that you are around,…and, of course, when he seeks your attention and affection.

Yoda is also a calm cat who has a peace about him and his number one priority is to be loved and to love on everyone in his family. He is wonderful boy who will bring lots of sweet moments to your life. Won’t you welcome him to your universe?

Yoda has feline leukemia. But fear not, Feline Leukemia only affects cats --it cannot be transmitted to people, dogs, or other animals.