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Meet Potzo. This adorable little old lady loves to nap. And who doesn’t, really? Give her a sunny spot and yourself a glass of wine, and you’ll be purring together on the couch in no time. She’s tiny, too, so she leaves you plenty of room.

Old enough to know what’s important in life, Potzo’s not picky. Give her any wet food and she’s a happy camper. Her name might mean “crazy” in Italian, but she actually prefers life on the calm side.

She’d be the first to admit, she’s not a fan of dogs or babies. But big kids are great, especially those who like to nap after a game of Catch the Laser Pointer.

Potzo was rescued as a frisky kitten, but the owner she came to know and love had to give her up for financial reasons. You could easily be her new favorite human. Just say the word, and the word is Potzo!