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Larry is just happy being in your presence and will lay with you wherever you are. Larry will talk to you and more importantly, will listen to you.

Fun facts about Larry:
- Larry doesn’t sit on your lap as much as melt into it; he also accepts hugs
- One of his endearing antics is giving you a head butt and wait for a kiss on his head or a head butt back
- Gazing into his emerald green eyes can put you into a meditative state
- Larry’s fur is a combination of black and chocolate colors
- Larry is a gentleman and a scholar (that is code for being perfect with the litter box).
- Larry has been very good with his foster’s cats; he is interested but not pushy.

If you can accept giving Larry his medicine, he will more than make it up to you in love and devotion.

Larry is a very laid-back guy who would enjoy having a home to explore and a human or family to love. A cat companion would be a bonus.