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Larry has the silkiest of softest furs with big green eyes that melt your heart on the spot!!! He truly loves to snuggle and lay on your chest or lap. He is just happy being in your presence and will lay with you wherever you are! Larry will talk to you for treats and loves it when you scratch his chin and ears…he definitely wants your attention and affection. Larry will show you the same attention and affection with gentle head-butts and lots of cuddling! He has a sweet and curious nature and enjoys exploring the sights and taking it all in. His active spirit finds it great fun to get a treat out of a toy - especially as he is a bit of a foodie. His all-time favorite toy is one that all children know well and love best - a cardboard box to scratch on! Larry is very easy to please and just wants to feel safe and loved. A forever home with a little cardboard box to call his own would make it just purr-fect!

* Special Notes: Special diet/chronic GI treatment.