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Crackers is a gorgeous, solid bodied white, black, and brown male cat with a unique personality.

Caring about his fellow man (uh-hem….cat that is), he‘s a former blood donor who, rather than held prefers to be nearby his person purring, & likes belly rubs and attention. Watching the game on Sunday? Cold hip joint? Crackers is on it, & will support you as you reach for the ole chip dip!! He is sometimes ok with other cats and dogs, and cries a little in the car (but hey who wouldn’t!? Look at that traffic out there! I mean seriously??! :) I remember a time when I was on the way to work one morning…doh, that’s another bio…anyway, back on point…)

While not very active, Crackers is THE Cadillac model and comes “fully loaded” including: gets into crate easily, good with people of all ages, taking meds, grooming, ear cleaning, petting, litter box use, friendliness, knowing his own name, exploring, and being mild/moderately playful. So pull on in to see our “hunka hunka” furry love and you’ll race home & put these “4 on your floor” for life!