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Ruby is living proof that you don’t have to leave the continent to find a real gem, and that some of the most beautiful ones are truly worth waiting for.

Ruby is a hearty, lovely girl with a woodsy brown, white, and black ticking coat who was a stray that was found with her sister, Kali, around 4weeks old. She is truly a story of a cat whose beauty is unfolding. Timid & a little shy, she doesn’t care for dogs or seek out love and attention, but is growing every day and accepts gentle petting and holding. When she’s near your stomach she’ll sometimes gently head butt it to give you a little hint about her affections, and when presented a toy will sometimes paw at it and then sit on it as if to say “it’s mine”.

She’s litter box trained, is well behaved, gets into a carrier easily, travels well in a car, and does well at vet visits. She just needs loving home that will allow her time to warm up to a new person.

So if you have a green thumb in the garden or love watching hearts bloom, be this girl’s patient soul companion and she’ll blossom and glow for you.