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Cholula will melt your heart one way or the other. She is the full package and probably does not realize it. She loves to play by herself but prefers human interaction! She loves other kitties and will play well with them too. She has great play manners and will back off if another kitty is not interested in playing with her. Cholula has 1st class litterbox manners too in addition to staying off counters and tables! She is a love bug and wants to snuggle at night. She will roll over for belly rubs too…perhaps she thinks she’s a dog?!?! She is very funny to watch and will entertain you for as long as you can handle your belly laughing aches. As far as we are concerned, she’s got it all! Need a recap? She is a ball of energy, loves new people, loves to play, has great manners of all kinds, is sweet, gentle and loves to snuggle! If you’re sold on Cholula like we are, then set up a time to meet this amazing girl, she is worth it and you will not be disappointed!