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Addison is a friendly, sweet, loving and lovable Calico that has gorgeous eyes and a sweet face.

She was raised indoors, is litter box trained, and doesn’t mind the occasional nail trimming or ear cleaning. She even likes the vet, and will get into carrier with no fuss no muss. She doesn’t like other cats and isn’t big on being held, but she is bold, outgoing, very social, and mildly to moderately playful. She likes to explore and hide in strange places, and has good manners and doesn’t jump on furniture or other areas frequently.

Rather than meow she delightfully prefers to “talk at you” a little if she thinks there’s an opportunity or something she wants you to know. She loves treats, likes being petted, and will lie down to be loved on. And most important…will curl up next to you at night and purr. Come see our little multi-faceted girl today!