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Marissa is a hearty, longhaired yellow tabby with a white chin and light ruff. She is a gorgeous medium-large cat with a beautiful, big bushy tail. She prefers slow approaches, gentle handling, soft vocals, & will warm up to you with loud purrs that are all but chirpy. She takes time to get comfortable, but then you’ll get lots of attention and she’ll rest her head on the edge of the counter and “put an eye on you”. She loves petting on her head or back (or rubbing on you!), but prefers not to be picked up, or touched while in her cat tree, and generally doesn’t sit in laps.

She’s well-mannered and is a polite “treataholic” (only taking them from you after she gets to know you,…she is a lady after all!). She LOVES toys she can bat around by herself like mice, and anything with catnip, and also MUST have a cat tree as she loves to climb high on them and look out the window.

Liking slow acclimations, she’s our golden “grow” girl and we think she’d do great independently or with another cat. She really has a great aura about her.