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When Gink came to us after running with a feral colony, she was very shy and scared. It has taken over two years and lots of effort and love, but Ms. Gink has blossomed into a sweet little diva. She's not yet a lap cat and she's not keen on being picked up, but she does love attention and affection and has come a LONG way from the scared, hunched up girl that she used to be.

She comes across as dignified and mellow, but if there's playing to be done, Gink is your woman--especially if there's another cat involved. She forms bonds easily with other cats, so she would do best in a family that has at least one other cat. Or you could adopt one of her friends, Aurora and Wren, along with her! We love this wonderful little lady, and we're sure you will, too. We can't wait to see how much more confident and loving she becomes in her own home!