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Jackson's story is one of heartbreak, hope, and finally... victory.

Jackson was a frightened young cat with two badly broken and crushed front legs, in a high kill shelter, with no future. With much support he was taken, his pain and broken bones treated, his fear soothed by comforting hands, and ensured a soft bed every day.

For weeks he had to be helped to the litter box, his bowl held for him to eat, and his face cleaned (since he couldn't wash it himself) because he could not stand.

One day he struggled to stand, briefly. Soon, while held, he gingerly put a little more weight on his legs. When he took his first steps and batted his first toy everyone cheered for him. Jackson is a low energy, docile, peaceful cat who knows luck was on his side, appreciates gentle pets from head to tail, and is now ready to step into a loving, calm forever home.