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Pongo, Ginger, and Samson, were left behind in their apartment by their previous owner. Ginger was the sweet, loving momma-type & “Cleaner”, licking everyone to make sure they felt cared for. Pongo was the “even keel”, friendly cat. And Samson was the more timid, quiet and soulful cat, looking to Pongo & Ginger to see if things were “safe”. Abandonment has been visibly, emotionally difficult on these kitties. But they’re slowly acclimating to FFL, being around new cats, and trying to learn to trust again. They need stable, consistent, quiet, patient homes with gentle hands for the rest of their lives.

Samson is a friendly, powder & soft yellow male who does well with women and strangers (as well as the vet), and can be held or petted. He is well-behaved, litter box trained, and is a sweet old boy with soft meows and enjoys being around people. He has a unique, gentle face, like a little lion cub, but he’s really just a “softy” and loves being in a nice lap. This deserving boy needs a very safe, peaceful, patient, and loving pride to call his own forever. One look into those soft, deep eyes and we’re pretty sure you’ll welcome him to your territory.