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Azul is not only stunning to look with her pure white coat and beautiful blue eyes but she is a joy to be around. She may be a bit shy at first but she enjoys attention and is hoping you’re the one to give it to her. Azul loves to be petted – and a tummy rub when she is lolling around is extra pleasurable. Azul loves to explore & is happy wherever she feels she is at home. She gets nervous around a lot of noise, but handles a barking dog and thunderstorms without a flinch. Ms. Azul ignores dogs in her foster family or watches their antics from her condo as if she is the queen. She will give her best “meow” when she is hungry and shows her happy appreciation for all you do for her. She wants a place to permanently call her own and will love you forever because of that. Please come and meet Azul today and be ready to fall in love!