Mellow Yellow

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I don't remember how I ended up on the streets, but I didn't like it. It was cold, I was hungry and there was nobody to snuggle with. On the streets, you have to be tough. Protect your territory, they say. I once walked into someone's territory, and boom ... next thing you know my leg was hurting really bad. A nice vet later said it that I had an abscess. He treated my leg and said that I was very brave and patient during the procedure. They gave me a funny collar. The fact is, I don't mind. Because I like people. I like being inside and getting breakfast and dinner. But I like people the best. I just love scratches, pets, or just sitting next to someone.

Do you like cats? If you do, maybe we can get together? If you come to the shelter, please ask for Mellow. That's what they call me and I like it. I think it suits me just right.