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Jasper is the ultimate lap cat who is known for his unlimited love and affection. He is easy going and just loves to get your attention and curl up on your lap for a long, relaxing nap. And who can resist his beautiful green eyes when he asks for more pets? In return, he shows his love and gratitude for being part of your family by handing out lots of licks and kisses. This handsome guy also truly enjoys playtime with his favorite catnip toys. Especially in the evenings, as he likes to spend his mornings sleeping in.

Fun fact: this fellow is quite a quirky sleeper who often sleeps upside down and experiences vivid dreams, most likely about dinner or cuddling with you. Jasper would do best as an only kitty in a home where he can get one on one time to play and hang out. He is litter box trained and can’t wait to meet you, so you can see for yourself just what a sweet and affectionate cat he is!