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Some cats are pets, and some are life partners. Oliver is looking for a long-term relationship with a knowledgeable, compassionate human who will help him grow. He has the cute and cuddly part down: he will grade your homework, keep your seat warm, or inspect your cabinets. However, he was raised in a home without scratching posts and where hands were used as toys. That’s where you come in: Oliver’s future parent needs to be a confident, patient resource to help guide him in his kitty training.

If you have a big heart and are looking for an active relationship with your future feline, Oliver is for you. Not that he won’t pose for pictures or do funny things you can tell your friends about—for example, he likes to zoom across the house after breakfast and before bed to keep his furry figure. He just needs a little extra love, and a human that finds fulfillment in a challenge. Your reward? Looking into his loving eyes and knowing you’ve made a difference in Oliver’s world.