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Hakeem is great with other cats in the house. He is playful, but also is happy to chill out in his cat bed. He is curious, but not as mischievous as many kittens. He is a BIG talker. He will talk to you all day. He likes to run around with other cats and play with toys. He is not a big jumper, maybe because he is a bit on the short side. He gets a kick out of observing his buddy knocking treats out of the pantry.

Hakeem will let you hold him for a bit, but is not overly cuddly. He does like to sleep next to your legs, or sit with the other animals and you on the couch. He is indifferent to the dogs he has been around. Overall, Hakeem is a pretty chill little kitten who likes to mind his own business- except when he is telling you his life story.