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Serena has been through a lot. She been rescued from a flood, adopted, and then left behind. Most kitties would be pretty stand offish after all that nonsense, but Serena is a more evolved fancy feline. She can’t wait to find a family that will give her lots of love in return.

Serena’s Basics
- Bubbly – According to her foster mom, Serena is just happy to be here! She gets along well with other cats, dogs, and kids. She’s easy going, and always minds her manners.
- She’s a Lady – Serena is a respectable kitty who rarely kicks litter out of the box. She’s even polite when she snuggles. Her favorite place to be is politely perched next to you or on your lap.
- Perfect Day – Serena’s perfect day would start by waking up next to the person she loves (ahem, you?) after some morning snuggle time, she would enjoy a treat, crunchy tuna if you please, and then to just chill out with her family for the rest of the day. Serena has a lot of love to give, and she’s waiting on the right family to settle down with. She really hopes you get here soon! Come by and meet Serena today!