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Looking for a best friend? Meet Justine, a certified best friend. To get her certification, she passed an expert-level snuggling course, trained with the world-class therapists so she could be a good listener, and worked with Ellen DeGeneres, her favorite celebrity, so that she always knows how to have fun and be herself. No matter what you want to do, Justine will be there, happy to be by your side.

Need someone to chat with as you get ready for the day? Justine is ready to listen to whatever drama is going on at work. Need someone to help you clean dishes? Sponges are Justine’s favorite. Had a rough day and need some snuggles? Justine is there. Whatever you are looking for, she is ready to give you 110%. This level of best friend training is hard to find. Make Justine your best friend for life today!