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Look at those long whiskers and cute face! Buddie is a sweet boy who is a little shy at first, but he loves to explore. He is especially interested to find out what lurks behind a closed door! He's not wild about sudden movements, maybe because of some hard knocks early in life, but there's not an aggressive bone in his body. A lap cat he's not, nor will he stay in your arms for a long time, but he loves to spend time near you, cuddle up next to you on pillows that prop you up in bed and meow when he wants some petting. Buddie's foster dad says he's very smart and obedient; he waits to be invited before he will lie on his chest when he wakes up in the morning. How special is that?
Buddie has good litterbox manners, but he does have one quirky behavior. After his litter has been cleaned, Buddie likes for it to have little "piles" and not be smooth and flat; if it doesn't have some piles he'll quickly go to work digging and making his own, and he might just fling a small bit of litter out of his box.
Buddie came to Friends for Life without claws in his front paws. He's a generally quiet kitty and not extremely interested in toys or playing. Buddie is learning to "like" to be brushed; he's not a big shedder and keeps himself very clean. Who could ask for a better companion? Set up a Meet and Greet and if you are patient, this boy will charm his way into your heart.