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Miss Russia is that rare combo of playful and lap cat! Russia used to be a house cat but was abandoned when her owners moved and she had to fend for herself. She is eager to be back in a quiet home where she feels safe and cared for. She loves to get cozy in your lap and have her ears and head rubbed, especially while you are purring her name. If you lean in, head-to-head, she will lick your forehead for you as a welcome. She has a lovely, gentle purr that lets you know how happy she is to have you there. After a bit of head pets, she wants you to get her wand toy and a have a game of cat and mouse. Miss Russia is sassy enough to let you know when she has had enough petting or playing with a gentle love nibble. A girl knows what she wants...and when she wants it! Russia enjoys a window seat and keeping a close eye on the birds from her perch. She has a beautiful coat and a regal demeanor. Look at those piercing, emerald green eyes. Russia is ready to be yours - from Russia with Love! Check out her very own Facebook page and you can keep up with her latest doings at