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Tess wandered into a cat lover’s back yard to eat with her cats when she was quite young. Soon, Tess was scooped up and taken into the loving foster home where she has blossomed into a lovely calico kitten.

Kitty Cuddler: You know what’s great? A kitty. You know what’s even better? Kitty best friends! Tess is quite social and loves the companionship of other cats and dogs. She’s currently best friends with her foster brother, a 20 lbs. dog! If you’re looking for a kitty companion, Tess would love to join your crew!

Stand by Your Man (or Woman): Tess is a one woman/or man type of gal. Once you have earned her trust and affection, you will have a loyal friend for life who will chat with you about your day and all the exciting thing she did, including opening a few of your cabinets for you and all the sunbathing she did in the windowsills.

Beauty Queen: Tess’ foster says that her favorite thing about Tess is her silky soft fur and pretty green eyes. Once she puts on the charm, this beauty queen is impossible to resist. Come by and meet Tess today!