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What would you do if you were abandoned in an unfamiliar neighborhood? Hopefully, you would hope to be spotted by a kind stranger. This is what happened when Wilson found himself all alone in the Woodlands earlier this year. Wilson found food and shelter while he rested up and regained his lost weight. Alas, Wilson’s temporary home was already occupied by four rescue cats and four dogs, so he needed help finding a new family.
Wilson is one fine feline from his pink nose to his flame-colored tail! He loves to play, be brushed, and will stretch out on his back for belly rubs. Wilson is sociable when he gets to know you and will “talk” to you.
Because of his abandonment issues, Wilson will have to learn to trust you, but that won’t take long. If you look into his eyes, you can see that he has an old soul. When he finds out that he is the king of his own castle, Wilson will become the contented cat he was always meant to be.
Wilson is litter box trained, will get into a crate, travel in a car well, and has been very well-behaved as a foster cat. But what he really needs is a place to call home. Wilson may be shy at first, so take your time and let him experience the joy of belonging…to you! It won’t be long before you wonder how you ever got along without him!