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Lila is a loving lady who likes to choose the object(s) of her affection wisely. With looks like these, a gal can’t just fall for the first person who pays her a compliment, after all! Once you’ve won her over, though, you won’t find a better snuggle companion! Lila has been patiently awaiting the perfect lap to sit in. Are you just the right fit for this fabulous feline? She can’t wait to meet you!

Lila’s Particulars
So Fresh and So Clean: Lila is a tidy kitty! Her litter box habits are impeccable, so no messes from this gentlewoman. We think that she’d scoop it herself, if she had opposable thumbs!
Walkin’ on Sunshine: Although Lila is the best snuggle companion, she’s also an upbeat lady, who loves to play! Talking to her human, chasing her tail (that rascally thing!), and burrowing under the covers are some of her most favorite hobbies.
Perfect Day: Lila’s perfect day would be spent lazing around with her human. She’d start with a gentle morning snuggle, maybe a little pillow talk, then move on to some sight seeing near a sunny window, and if she happened to drift off to sleep in the bright sunshine, well, life couldn’t be much more like heaven on earth than that. Stop in and visit with Lila! She’s been waiting on the perfect person to spend her perfect day with, and she thinks that just might be you!