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Sammie was living a cozy, content life, when her dear human unexpectedly passed away. Luckily FFL was there to ease Sammie’s transition, but the chaos in her otherwise peaceful life has been hard on this gorgeous girl. Sammie is waiting for the right family to come find her so she can bask in peaceful cat naps and unconditional love once more. Are you the perfect person to ease this sweet girl’s grieving heart?

Sammie’s Specifics
CuddleCat: Sammie loves a good snuggle, and her fur is so soft, it’s like petting velvet! If you’re looking for a loving lap cat, Sammie’s your girl.
SmartieSammie: This lovey girl is smart too! She’s litterbox trained, and is very good about not making a mess. She likes to keep things neat and tidy!
PerfectPlaymate: While this beauty is a lover of snuggles, she also loves to play! She likes to chase her toys, and do a feisty couple of kitty laps when she’s feeling particularly playful.

Sammie is truly the perfect kitty companion, she’s just waiting for her special someone to make her whole again. Come by and meet her today!