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For sheer entertainment value, Petrie’s a great choice. She’s a spry one with some fancy tricks up her sleeve that will keep you on your toes and laughing. For example, she thinks it’s very funny to hide under the sofa and poke at your feet. And she’s right. It is funny.
She’s also a pretty amazing acrobat. Toss some pretzel nuggets in the air and you’ll see what we mean. Petrie’s very affectionate and a happy little camper in almost any group. She’s been known to tolerate dogs, too, although she wouldn’t complain about an all-cat household.
She loves to be kissed on the head and have her belly rubbed. But who doesn’t?
Her sister, Keaton, is just about as perfect as Petrie, and they’re very attached to each other. They’ve been together since birth, so, please, don’t nab one without the other. That way, everybody’s happy, including you. Ready?