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With his Charlie Brown-like head and colorful antics, you don’t get much funnier than Dudley. He was found in bad shape in a ditch along the T.C. Jester running trail, but through the loving care of his fosters, has become a healthy, curious and confident little guy.

Dudley is a one-of-a-kind cat for many reasons:

* One of the Dogs – Dudley loves to hang out with his fosters’ 60+ pound dogs, and even goes on walks with them sometimes. But, in true dog-brain fashion, he does not like cats. At all.
* Little Rascal – Dudley is a four-year-old boy in cat clothing. One minute, you’ll find him playing “Combat” with his toys. Another minute, he’s asking for cuddles from Mom. The next, he’s lying on the couch next to Dad and laughing uproariously at the blow-up scenes on “Mythbusters.”
* Mr. Helpful – You’re working on the computer; Dudley’s making sure you spell “perseverance” right. Folding clothes; he’s helping with the socks. Reading the newspaper; he’ll join you and share your coffee.
* Buddha-Belly – Proud of his white belly, Dudley likes to lay in his foster’s arms paws up, like a newborn.

Dudley is the perfect cat for the family with a sense of humor.