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Lucky Lady was found trotting around a neighborhood looking for some food, when two kind sisters recognized that this loving girl wasn’t too street savvy. They took her in and brought her to Friends for Life. She can’t wait to find her forever family that will give her the proper home she deserves.

Gentle Lady: Lady’s foster says that Lady is the perfect combination of energetic and mellow. This happy pup would love to walk with you, then come home for a long snuggle!

Loyal Lady: Lady bonds quickly and absolutely adores her person. With her at your side there is no end to the things she will learn and the adventures that you could have!

Lady who Lunches: Lady is quite the socialite! She loves kids, dogs, and cats. She also has wonderful manners and likes to politely shake your hand whenever she meets you. It’s her way of saying: “How do you do?”

Perfect Day: Lady’s perfect day would consist of waking up and having some quality snuggle time and pets with her favorite human, then breakfast! As a puppy of the streets, this gal loves to eat! After a hearty meal, she would like to walk and explore some new things with you, then back home for more snuggles, followed by some time in the backyard to lounge in the sun. Who doesn’t love a good sun tan? Then dinner, some couch-sitting, and off to dreamland to wake up the next morning in her home with someone she can rely on to be there forever. We think that might be you! Come by and meet Lady today!