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To Colt, everyone he meets is a friend! Colt was adopted and nurtured by a lovely person whose changed circumstances do not allow Colt to continue living with them. Colt is a most excellent dog and friend that would easily fit into your life.

Get to know Colt: Colt is friendly, hyper/energetic, outgoing, trainable, and like many intelligent dogs, just a bit stubborn sometimes. Colt likes other dogs, walks, people of all ages whether he knows them or not, grooming, car rides, and cats. He is not bothered by strange places, loud noises, or thunderstorms.

Accomplishments: Colt is house and crate trained. Colt is used to a collar and leash, however; he is an enthusiastic pup and will pull on the leash and jump on people. He is working on that. Colt knows the commands sit, down/off, come, lay down, speak, stay, and roll over.

Other: Colt has a tendency to guard his toys, and has sometimes been destructive.

Colt is a dog who is loved and gives love. Because Colt had a good home, it would be perfect if he could move in with you as soon as possible, easing this transition in his life. Colt is a great dog—your great dog!